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3 Ways to Make Airport Transfers Run More Smoothly

Between hang-ups at TSA, last minute gate-changes, and that kid kicking the back of your seat, it seems like there’s nothing more stressful than air travel.

Except maybe actually getting to the airport.

The airport is an unending flood of traffic jams. There’s always construction somewhere. And I swear, sometimes it feels like the buses are always driven by maniacs.

There may never be a way to make airport transfers completely stress-free, but there are a few ways to reduce the headache.

In this article, we’ll take a look at five ways to make getting to and from the airport easier.

Get a Lay of the Land

The typical airport seems like a near-impassable labyrinth of mythic proportions.

You’re trying to find your gate while traffic constantly merges and exits without warning. You try to parse out signs that should be giving you some information, all at highway speeds.

Heading into an unfamiliar airport can almost feel like a fever-induced nightmare. But knowing what to expect can take a lot of the pressure off.

Well before you get into the car, take some time to study the route to the airport.

Use Google Street View to “drive” around the airport. Familiarize yourself with where the gates are and how to get to them.

If you’re staying in an unfamiliar city, do the same thing with your route to where you’ll be staying.

Then, when you’re dropped into that maelstrom of traffic, you’ll at least have a good idea of what you’re supposed to be doing.

Get Through TSA Ahead of Time

One of the reasons airport transfers are so stressful is because you’re in a crunch for time. Every part of the process takes time, and when you’re trying to catch your flight, the time adds up.

Obviously, you want to save time where you can. You find the fastest route to the airport. You arrive early. You wear slip-on shoes to save time at the security check.

But what if you could walk right through the TSA line without waiting? Or taking off your shoes?

The TSA Pre-Check does just that. For an $85 membership fee and an in-person background check, you’re set.

TSA Pre-Check members typically get through the security checkpoint in five minutes or less.

In a world where you can end up waiting over an hour to get through a checkpoint, having that extra time will go a long way to make your airport transfers less stressful.

Hire a Driving Service for Your Airport Transfers

Even after you’ve gotten familiar with your route and maximized your time, there’s still one source of stress left.


For a truly stress-free experience, avoid driving yourself to and from the airport.

Hiring a professional car service can put the burden of traffic and navigation in the hands of a professional driver. You can use that time to catch up on phone calls and email or get yourself mentally prepared for your trip.

If you have an upcoming flight and are looking for reliable transportation to or from the airport, you deserve a relaxing experience.

Don’t stress out about airport transfers a day longer.

Contact us today to reserve a car for you. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the rest.